Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Newspapers on the floor

Day 2 at the hostel is a real bore cos mom and dad are still not back yet. The girl in the shop took me for a walk in the evening but she doesn't tell me stories like my folks. Most of the time, she left me in the enclosure with some newspapers for me to do my business.

But unknown to everyone, I have learnt to read the newspapers on the floor, usually before I do my business, since I was six months' old. Hehe.

In fact, mom and dad think I simply played with the newspapers out of boredom whenever they went to work and left me alone in the kitchen. I tried to flip the pages with my paws and ended up tearing them apart. Dad smacked me a few times for making a big mess. So I now try to read the top layer of the newspapers on the floor without making too big of a mess.

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