Thursday, September 14, 2006

Singapore bans IMF, Worst Bank chiefs

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Singapore bans IMF, Worst Bank chiefs
By Cakap Ayam and Sophie Kok

SINGAPORE, Sept 14 (CakapAyam News Network) -- In a shocking move, the Singapura government has banned I'M Fired (IMF) managing director Rodeo de Rato and Worst Bank president Paul Cry Wolfwolf from entering the country for attempts to incite riots.

"It's very serious. Their call to allow demonstrators to demonstrate freely in Singapura is tantamount to rioting. We can't accept that," government spokesman Ban Vanity told CNN. "They mocked our system without offering any constructive advice on how to handle the trouble makers."

The terse statement, which was reminiscent of the rebuke of popular blogger mrbrown for mocking the high cost of living in the serene island, came amid mounting pressure on Singapore to ease its tough stance on protesters.

The government's decision to ban 28 out of 500 protesters accredited by the Twins of Bretton Woods has caused an international outcry.

But Singapore will not capitulate to the foreign demands.

"If we allow them to run amok, our people will also want to follow. How can like that?" said senior government official Chin Kia See.

The senior government official said IMF and Worst Bank chiefs should stop their calls for riot.

"They should kuai kuai come here and network with our bright scholars and businessmen. We can discuss ways to make more money lah," he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Wolfwolf plans to take his protest to the Suntac demonstration corner with his entire Worst Bank staff.

Unfortunately, the Worst Bank has gotten so fat they couldn't fit into that little corner that the republic has set aside for such world public events.

Police spokesman See Bay Tau said all his anti biological, chemical and nuclear warfare squad will be ready to meet Mr Wolfwolf since he has a history of unleashing shock-and-awe initiatives on his adversaries in the past.

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