Thursday, September 28, 2006

S'pore grants political asylum to Thai leader

another farnee email!

SINGAPORE, 28 Sept 2006 (Cock News Network) -- Deposed Thai leader Thaksinga has been given political asylum in Singapore, according to well-placed sources in the Republic.

"We confirm we have given Khun Thaksinga refuge in the Istana," said a junior security official who declined to be named, referring to the official residence of the Singapore President.

"I mean it's very easy for him to see his private banker at Stanchart on Battery Road down the road," the source said.

"I hear he likes to iron his notes everyday. And he's got billions to iron."

Putting him at the Istana also makes strategic sense, according to senior political commentator Han Look Wang.

He said Thaksinga, who sold his Shiny Corp to the Singapore government investment arm Dimasek, can continue to have easy access to PM Lee's family, who use the Istana grounds for official purposes quite regularly.

"Thaksinga can still dine with with Madam mah," said Mr Han, referring to PM Lee's wife, who helps run Dimasek.

But the Shiny-Dimasek transaction, which has effectively triggered the coup that led to the ouster of Thaksinga last week, is not expected to sour the good relations between the two first families.

"Thaksinga can really talk cock one. He's better than a used car salesman. He can sell you anything!" Mr Han added.

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