Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Harro, my name is Sophie. I'm only ten months old but I'm sure learning fast, thanks to my daddy and mommy.

They talk to me all the time and they tell me what's happening in this world. They tell me that I was born in Singapore, a beautiful island south of Malaysia, from which my parents came.

They tell me a lot of things about the two countries. Some I understand and some I don't.

Anyway, before I tell you more about my world and other stuff, I just want you to see me and mommy dearest. This is how I look like. Cute?



YES, You Sophie are REALLY cute.
From cradle to grave, God BLESS U,
little puppy ! ^^

Harro! said...

Harro to you too! We've listed you at

Cheers cutie!

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