Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'm very sad because mommy and daddy went to Malaysia and left me at this pet hostel at Stevens Road, although it looks like a nice place. The girl in the shop sprayed me with anti-flea stuff although I sure I'm not home to those annoying bugs, which caused me to scratch incessantly in the past.

Luckily, daddy removed the two fleas on me when I was three months' old. :-)

But how come mom could not bring me along to Kuala Lumpur? She told me that it won't be a problem to bring me to Malaysia as there is no quarantine rule for dogs from Singapore, but re-entering Singapore from Malaysia will be a problem although I'm a Singapore-born beauty. At least, that's what a pet shop owner told her. I don't quite understand. :-(

But I shall wait patiently for mom and dad to come back to Singapore on Sunday to fetch me. I don't know whether I can take it cos the other dogs here are very noisy. They are friendly but they like to chat with me non-stop. They keep asking me about my diet! I love my lamb chops!!! Grrr!

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