Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Land of Malay warriors

I'm so happy. Mom and dad rushed back from KL, speeding at 150km per hour to come and get me. Yipee! Oh, how I missed them.

And I can't wait to hear their stories about their great journey to the land of the Malay warriors. Hehe.

Well, mom said it was quite an eventful trip. They first drove across the causeway to Johor Baru at the southern tip of Malaysia. The place looked like a warzone because of the many barricades for the stalled crooked bridge project.

Dad showed me the pix of the area.

Daddy said the current causeway has become a thorn in the bilateral ties of Singapore and Malaysia. The two countries have not been able to agree on Malaysia's plan to replace the causeway with a bridge that will allow water to flow freely in the narrow straits of Johor. The causeway was built long time ago in the 1920s. But dad said he will tell me more about it another time. Sigh!

Mom and dad then headed straight for the food once they reached Kuala Lumpur, which is like 320km north of Singapore. They went to PJ and bought some goreng pisang, keropok lekok and heavenly nasi lemak from the mobile stall near Jaya supermarket.

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