Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Couplehood, Part 2

Another interesting love story in Singapore -- the impending marriage between Tampines GRC MP Irene Ng and Scotsman Graham Berry (Pix source: The Straits Times) in July.

The former Malaysian is 43 while her husband-to-be is 62. The union is not unusual despite the big age gap of nearly 20 years.

What is slightly curious is the condition attached before she said yes although they appear to adore each other.

According to The Straits Times, Irene said: "I said I couldn't give him an answer until he visited Singapore and my constituency. It was important to me that he loves both. He came here in November and loved both. So I said yes."

Would the politician still have said yes if he had loved her but not her constituency?

Maybe she would, but their love story still can't beat that of the late Singapore couple Tan Swee and wife, who passed away last year.

Their love was unconditional.