Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sad day for Malaysian Indians, Part 2

How will history judge the current Indian drama in Malaysia?

There's no clear answer yet as the drama is still unfolding. Sophie's World is still saddened by the flurry of wild allegations thrown around. Many people are up in arms over the wild allegations made by Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) in its ridiculous petition, its ridiculous claim of US$4 trillion from the former colonial master, and its leader not ruling out violence to achieve its aim.

Let's get things right before the water is muddied further.

Sophie's World supports any call to improve the welfare of marginalised or poor people, whether they are Indians, Chinese or Malays.

But Hindraf will not earn the respect of Sophie's World and other rational people should it continue to cry 'ethnic cleansing' by the government, or suggest violence to help raise awareness on the plight of the long-suffering Indian community in Malaysia.

Demolition of Hindu temples is not right although many of them are sited on illegal sites. But the act of demolishing illegal temples does not constitute ethnic cleansing. Let's not resort to hyperbole in such a sensitive issue. Ethnic cleansing refers to genocide in one extreme and the systematic removal of a particular race in a less extreme definition.

Although the Malaysian government has long favoured the majority Bumiputra community, such an act, though unfair, does not constitute a systematic removal or elimination of the Indian race or 'ethnic cleansing'.

Do you see the Chinese community crying 'ethnic cleansing'?

The Malaysian government may have no choice but to invoke the Internal Security Act to maintain law and order, and quell the careless propaganda by the Indian group. The Indian group will then cry 'ethnic cleansing' all over again. And the whole world will then condemn Malaysia for the 'persecution' of the minority community.

Here's Sophie's World's take to the long-suffering Indian brethren: The end does not justify the means. Resort to noble means or civil disobedience, instead of resorting to unfair means or violence, to achieve the noble end.

Gandhi would have wanted that too.


KLConfidential said...

"But Hindraf will not earn the respect of Sophie's World and other rational people should it continue to cry 'ethnic cleansing' by the government, or suggest violence to help raise awareness on the plight of the long-suffering Indian community in Malaysia."

Well said Sophie. I agree with you 100%. I supported the Hindraf's right to voice their concerns and to express themselves. But this is too much. And violence shouldn't be tolerated on both sides of the fence.

Anonymous said...

hindraf simply came into the pic cos of unhappiness over the bumiputra policy...i read and understand this policy was actually agreed by all the races at a time when emotions of independence was running high and that was back in 1957.so now i understand that certain parties wants to have equality after contributing to the nation cos they are also citizens and why they do not have the priviliged and so on and so forth and it continues...from blogs i have read and some discussion what i can say 50 years of priviged cannnot simply dissapear in 1 day or 1 mth or 1 year...and takes a long time for acceptance or equality which i have obeserved the party concern some of then just tend to think of racial supremacy adn some yes thinks it is a crutch and hinders national integration shoud be taken away but gradually...to come into conclusion to make it simple, is it time yet for ppl all of them to accept that world is changing and time alone cannot wait for them...can be done but am not sure when??

KLConfidential said...

Maybe when we first had the bumiputra policy, it was partly because the malays were the disadvantaged at the time and another reason was probably because the indians and chinese (at that time) WERE immigrants.

What our government fails to understand now, is that the current chinese and indians we have today, were born, bred here in Malaysia. They are no longer immigrants and they deserve to be treated as Malaysians.

The indians are marginalised and not being treated as equals in this country. I know that. But my point is this, so are the chinese and malays (yes malays too are marginalised)

The NEP benefits the politicians and cronies. Why do you think there is growing dissent among the malays against the government? If you look at the percentage of the poor in Malaysia, malays and indians numbers are close.

I say we fight this tyranny and unfairness together. Not as marginalised indians or marginalised malays and chinese.

I feel that most indians I meet are misinformed. They say in the Padang Jawa incident, the authorities demolished a Hindu temple and indians are killed.

Did you know they demolished a mosque/surau too? Did you know at least 1 malay was killed?

I say Let's Not Fall Into the BN Trap. Let's not fight this as a race but as Malaysians.

This is not an indian problem. It is a Malaysian problem. All Malaysians should be given a chance to help our indian brothers.

So I implore all indians reading this, to spread the word. Many Malays are so eager to walk the walk with you, to be tear gassed and water cannoned with you. If only you let us.

We hesitate due the the usage of the words "islamic extremist" and "ethnic cleansing" in the memorandum.

We know that you don't mean to offend us and that Uthaya didn't mean to insult muslims. I went to a forum with Sivarasa and Jayakumar and they cleared the air and clarified the Hindraf stand.

Although I still feel some indians were still feeling angst towards the malays, I know that most of them agreed.

So lets do away with that and stand united against the atrocities done to us.

Anonymous said...

sophie im quite glad u don live in malaysia. You reporting is like our Malaysian media. Its niether accurate or factual. Please learn our history before you decide that ethnic cleansing can be ruled out. Even the malays know about Kampung Medan and what went on. I read a comment in your first posting on this isue and someone has already rightly pointed out to you about the absence on the governments part of an official enquiry into the killings today. And here you are talking about dont cry 'ethnic cleansing'. I just wish you would read a little more around the subject before commenting. Maybe you should speak to a malaysia kini reporter. They will educate you. Secondly we are non violent. HAvent you seen ANY of the clips on you tube? And Gandhi would be proud of us, we all know this. Read more dear Sophie.