Monday, December 17, 2007

Hady Mirza is Asian Idol!!!

In an unexpected development, Singapore's Hady Mirza (Pix source: ST) has become the first Asian Idol!!!

Sophie's World is glad that TV viewers voted according to their conscience, instead of voting along nationalistic lines. This is because Singapore's Idol could not have won if voting by TV viewers across Asia were based on nationalism. Singapore has the smallest population among all the participating countries.

This bodes well for Asia's renaissance, despite many problems affecting the Asean region and the continent.

It's also amazing that Singapore's Idol won despite the rather frosty reception towards him at the onset of the competition yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hady! He has done Singapore and Asia proud...against all odds. Think he won cos he is arguably one of the more 'accessible' performers, easy on the eye, pleasant to listen to, and acceptable across the borders.

Anonymous said...

Hady has made us all in Singapore proud!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was because the tvviewers weren't nationalistic. it was the way the vote system was made..where they had to vote for another contestant either than the one from their country. hady was very likeable and it helped that the ladies seemed to love him, especially those from indonesia and malaysia. it helped that he held his own amongst the other more powerful singers from the other asian countries..

fitria, indonesia said...

maybe most of asian voted him as a second choice (asian have to choose two contestants for voting). they thought that other people wouldn't choose him, but you know if most people thought like that and finally he won.
actually, i'm so grateful since he's the only muslim,, asian has muslim idol! yay! said...

I googled 'Asian Idol Results' and somehow ended up in your blog. Firstly, good colour choice. I've the same too. :-)) I wanted to read more about the results of Asian Idol, despite knowing the results, because I wanted to read more about my favourite Asian Idol. Now here's the conflict- while I love Jac, Mike and Hady, I enjoyed Hady's showmanship and 'understated' singing style (without the OTT shouting, screaming or vocal gymnastics) way above the other two. Jac was too OTT and Mike too simplistic. The others I thought were very unnatural and they don't seem to understand the meaning of 'entertainment'. However, the sincerity in Hady's performance is what I feel will make him a star. And I voted for Hady alongside Jac, Mike and Phuong Vy. After watching the Asian Idol, and reading about all the politics and marginalised issues raised all over the region, I thought how wonderful if all political activists were to stop their act and start singing the way these idols from 6 countries in Asia are doing. That way, they will be heard and best of all, we will all be entertained. Now that's what I'd call 'peace'. Yeah... See ya Sophie. Love your world....
p.s. And oh, I thought many of the judges were rather 'cop-out' in their answers as to whom they think will be the Asian Idol. I don't like listening or watching the blondie judge who seems to only want to hear what HE wants to hear (and rather contrite too in his feedback), instead of SEEING and HEARING what is OUT there. His views are very myopic.

MamboJumbo said...

I was shocked that Hady won the Asian Idol. Not cos he couldn't win, but cos there were two other contestants that could've won! I really don't know how Hady could've won cos I thought Jaslyn could've clenched the title she has such a strong powerful voice no doubt! Maybe Hady didn't pull 'beautiful day' off that well but his singing tonight (16th dec) was good:) I come from Singapore & I voted many times, but i still can't believe he won! But I know he's really happy now and I can't wait for him to come back:D Good job, Hady! Work hard:) We love you!

Heru said...

I think He just get an "unpredictable" lucky vote. This is my prediction how Hady won this Asian Idol Competition:

1. Most Indonesian People know that Hady's parents come from Indonesia (from Buginese Tribe), that's what Hady mention before the competition start. So, probably. most Indonesian will choose Hady as their second vote.

2. I think most Malaysian People will vote Hady as their second vote since Hady is Singapore delegation which is part of Malaysia (before they parted).

3. Some Philippine People will vote Hady as their second vote because they know that Hady vocal coach came from Philippine.

4. The other will vote Hady as second vote because He is delegation from small country, so they think if they vote Hady, it will not make him won.

5. Other prediction is most of the voter don't understand how this voting counting system works. They don't know that it is not number will count but the average % per country will be used. So you can imagine if Hady get second place in all country.

6. The last prediction is most voter is a young deaf girl, who is more concern on their eyes than their ear (of course, they are deaf).

So, I predict that Hady won this by second vote.

Anonymous said...

Come on, give Hady a break. He has already a fan base in Malaysia and maybe even Indonesia before this. All the contestants are definitely talented. So when it comes to a competition like this, it only comes to who will appeal more to the mass.

Anonymous said...

I felt that the voting system (sms) for this contest could be quite confusing to some ppl. Some ppl might not be aware that they have to vote 2 countries or else their voting will be void, or they just simply don’t follow instruction. That might be the other reason why…

klubbkidd said...

Published ten (speculative) reasons in my blog at why Hady won!
Mike and Jac rocks! Even Mau! Not Hady! No matter what those weirdo fans go on about how Hady might be better than the others and try so hard to justify it. Tone deaf boyband lovers got their say and continue to bitch about it being an upset simply because they're intoxicated with Hady's look. Bleurrgghh!.
Definitely NOT an Asian Idol to be proud of. Looks? What else can he do?

niwanda said...

Btw the two tipped faves Jac and Mike, I personally think Jac has the best vocals, but will lose out in terms of charisma and connecting with the crowd to Mike.
But 'Idol' has never been about the best vocal, but about the package, so as the Indian judge forewarned, upsets do happen.

Being from Msia, of course I was rooting for Jac but out of them all, I have a soft spot for Hady so voted for Jac and Hady.

When you think about it, I'm not suprised that the majority chose Hady as their 2nd choice after they countrymen/women. He's a hard worker, charming and very unassuming. He's not drop dead gorgeous but good looking enough for me.

Overall, really enjoyed watching all the Idols, esp from Vietnam which is new to most of us. Phuong Vi is such a beatuiful girl with a good voice, energetic and lively.

A wild cat said...

It was good to see how Asians perform at the same stage. It was a showcase to the world how colourful Asians are.

To me, who won the Asian Idol is secondary, in fact, all Asian politicians should learn from these youngsters that 'open competition' produces the 'best results' and promote sincere trust and goodwill amongst its population.

It was heart warming to see Jac and Hady duet together in the finale. Leaders of both countries, ie Malaysia and Singapore should learn from them, discard differences and work together to the betterment of both countries and Asia, in general.

To Hady, congratulations. To Phuong Vy and Jac, well done.

Reuben said...

Hady won because he has the right package. He is the most marketable and can appeal to all Asians and the rest of the world too. He is contemporary and looks asian with a certain "cosmopolitan" charm that offers a universal appeal. Thus he is truly asian and not ethnic in appearance and demenour. Not Indonesian or Indian nor Vietnamese or Filipino as the respective idols have projected. Imagine if Mike is the asian idol. He would not be able to project the asian package required. Mau has the voice but she is very technical. Not really appealing. Compare a technical drawing with a piece of art. That's how technical her voice is. The next best candidate would be Jaclyn. She would have had the full package if she has not sang to herself instead of the audience. She did not connect well with audience. People just admire her vocal prowess and that was it. Congrats Hady, the rightful Asian Idol. To those who disbelieve, don't blame the voting system. If it's meant to be Hady there's nothing you can do to change his fate.

iridescents said...

I agree with Reuben. Hady has the right package for an Idol. Although I didn't really think he should win over Jon Leong in Singapore Idol, his performance in Asian Idol really took me by surprise. Thus my comment here is not of nationalistic pride, although I am a Singaporean. Though his vocals aren't as great as Jaclyn or Mike's, he has the complete package of an Idol - charming looks, nice smile, good showmanship and performance on stage, and Asian and Int'l appeal. What's most impt I think is that other than Jaclyn, he can speak the English language very well, as its our 1st language in Singapore, which makes him very marketable on the international stage. Jaclyn could not have won because she totally looked so stuck up and didn't bother to connect with the crowd, huge mistake! Whilst Hady did well on that count. So I reckon that he is a deserving winner.

The Void Deck said...

Hussah! The LRD punches above its weight! Hussah!

Anonymous said...

what kind of asian idol is that
when u only have to beat five other

cakap is back!

Anonymous said...

Singapore idol is MaYoYo idol...

Asian idol is also MaYoYo idol ...

Hopeless idol ...

Intelligent Thinker said...

I don’t get you people.
First you blame that Hady doesn’t deserve to be the winner. Fine, that one is an acceptable argument as you support your statement by stating that other vocalist fared better. I agree… but then, you said that the voting system is unfair… pointing that the voting system sucks and totally pathetic..
However, the hosts reminded YOU to vote for your countrymen/women as choice number 1 and the best, or 2nd best as choice number 2… you voted for your countryman/woman, and select Hady Mirza as 2nd choice thinking he doesn’t stand a chance.. don’t you think the blaming finger should point back at youself?! YOU’RE THE STUPID AND PATHETIC VOTER, NOT THE VOTING SYSTEM!
Secondly, before the competition starts, he admitted not having the best vocal and don’t think that he could win. This tells that Hady, didn’t choose to win. And in fact, he didn’t try as hard to win as other competitors which is probably the reason for the wrong song choice - he was just trying to be himself. AND NOW HE WINS, IT’S NOT HIS FAULT! YOU, THE STUPID PATHETIC VOTER VOTED FOR HIM AS 2ND CHOICE!!!! SO HE WINS!
So, it’s your fault that he wins, thus, don’t be even dumber to condemn him for his victory. The one that is to be condemned is you, the stupid pathetic voter!
Don’t you even, in the righteous state of mind realized that by bashing him, you’re actually bashing yourself? Coz you’re bashing the Asian idol, the winner, the one, where you failed to push him off his position by voting more of another idol that you so much argued as more deserving! WHY DIDN’T YOU VOTE FOR JAC, MIKE OR MAU AS 2ND CHOICE AND VOTE EVEN MORE SINCE YOU THINK THEY ARE MORE DESERVING???!!!!

In conclusion, the more you condemn Hady, the more you’re actually condemning yourself loosers! Coz you failed to make sure the ones you thought is more deserving to win. Again, LOOOOOOSER!! PERIOD.
So, accept the fact that Hady won and it was fair that he won coz of you loosers k? Stop bashing him.

Anonymous said...

woaahh..klubbkidd, you really have something against hady, don't you. to the point of bashing him in others' forum. it's been a while since APM lah brudder. whatever it was. i'm surprised that an intelligent guy like you can stoop so low. use your brain for the good of all, not bring down others.

anyway, congrats to hady! he's really singapore proud! i'm sure with the many support and encouragement he's receiving, he work harder.

Singapore Soldier said...

I got this from Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community.

Asian Idol Announcement
Hady Mirza is the first Asian Idol winner!

Official Result Asian Idol

1.Hady Mirza (Singapore) 28%
2.Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia) 27%
3.Abhijeet Sawant(India) 15%
4.Mau Marcelo (Philippine) 12%
5.Phýõng Vy (Vietnam) 11%
6.Mike Mohede (Indonesia) 7%

Taken from :
Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community (less)

Anonymous said...

To Klubkidd: You still bearing a grudge against Hady huh for watever happened during the APM event in July? If he avoided you then its because you are a pathetic loser who doesnt know how to mind his own business. You think that you can use your blog to put Hady down? Sorry lah, your actions will be exposed. A person like you who have mean intentions will not be blessed with good things from God. Hell is waiting for you!!!

Anonymous said...

To : Klubbkidd,
Deserve you right not to get interview from Hady at APM07. You are not worthy reporter! Your attitude stinks like cow-dang dude!

Anonymous said...

hady's victory definitely is the hottest topic ever.
even in the blogosphere.

well, presonally i think that if there is one thing that should change, should there will be season 2 of asian idol, its not the voting system.
it's our mentality. the voters.

to those who really really despise hady and his victory, maybe this should be a lesson learnt.
do not just assume that by voting a contestant from a small populated country or with the least talent will help your countryman to win. cos that kind of thinking is very pathetic.

and i checked out klubbkid's blog.
omfg. that guy sure have issues with not just hady, but everyone.

get a grip will you.

Tairu said...


I totally disagree what Heru said,
Most Indonesian People know that Hady's parents come from Indonesia (from Buginese Tribe)it is absolutely nonsense, everybody didn't vote from the origin where it belong, simply that everybody will vote from the country where it belong.
2. I think most Malaysian People will vote Hady as their second vote since Hady is Singapore delegation which is part of Malaysia (before they parted).Another nonsense thought from Heru, didn't he know that even if'm a S'porean Malay my car get scratches and robbed out of the causeway.
3. Some Philippine People will vote Hady as their second vote because they know that Hady vocal coach came from Philippine.Another wrong thought fm Heru, The Philippine vote as 2nd. vote because he know that Hardy got no chance.
3.Some Philippine People will vote Hady as their second vote because they know that Hady vocal coach came from Philippine..At last this make sense.
4.The other will vote Hady as second vote because He is delegation from small country, so they think if they vote Hady, it will not make him won.You & D others thinks the same, vote from the performance not from India, Malaysia or S'pore.
5. Other prediction is most of the voter don't understand how this voting counting system works. They don't know that it is not number will count but the average % per country will be used. So you can imagine if Hady get second place in all countryPopulations are not considered, money ( SMS ) will proof the winner. It shows S'porean are generous.
6. The last prediction is most voter is a young deaf girl, who is more concern on their eyes than their ear (of course, they are deaf)It is not that there are deaf but the organiser are stupid, if me definitely i'll vote for my country man, it doesnt make sense at all, unfortunately the organiser may be the got some money from the voters that send the SMS.

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