Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kick out Myanmar

The message is clear but the poll findings inconclusive.

According to an online survey by Sophie's World, there is consensus to the question on whether Asean should kick out Myanmar following the recent atrocities by its military government.

11 people or 73% said yes, as it's about time to alienate murderers.
3 people or 11 % said no, as it's better to engage the government as a transition to democracy.
1 person or 6% said maybe, as it's better to be pragmatic about it.

Well, the sample size is just too small with only 15 respondents during the one-week poll to make a big statement out of the survey. :-(

But Sophie remains resolute in her desire to see the demise of the Myanmar murderers.

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Anonymous said...

Nya Mar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!