Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Grand farewell for Uncle Lim

Malaysian and international media has given plenty of coverage on the death of casino founder Lim Goh Tong (pix from The Star) of the Genting group last week.

Various reports said more than 10,000 had turned to give a grand farewell to the man, who never received such great adulation when he was still alive. It's quite amazing. He did many things quietly: giving to many charities, lending money to an Indian tribe to build their casino in the US, giving money to his village in China, and sponsoring many other events.

No PR machine could have generated such a massive turnout of people at a funeral. You should also watch this news video by The Star.

Uncle Lim has definitely left behind an unmatched legacy. His highlands resorts, once considered a piped dream, now attracts more visitors than all the tourists to Malaysia every year.

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