Saturday, June 09, 2007

Singapore fugitives in JB

Many Singaporeans like to complain about the crime situation in Malaysia, especially in the border city of Johor Baru. Yes, it's true that JB is literally a cowboy town due to the high crime rate. This is probably due to the high number of transient workers and residents in the city as noted in a previous post.

However, not all crimes in the city are committed by Malaysians. This is shown in the latest judgement against a Singaporean. Lim Tiong Seng (left in the ST pix) and a Malaysian accomplice were sentenced to death by the Johor Baru High Court for an armed robbery bid in JB in 2001, according to reports this week.

It's not been easy for the Malaysian enforcement agencies to cope with surging crimes in JB or in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. It doesn't help when some Malaysian policemen aren't exactly morally upright.

It's also not easy for the immigration departments on both sides of the causeway to prevent fugitives in Singapore from fleeing to JB. This is shown in the case of former National Kidney Foundation ex-chairman Richard Yong, who reportedly fled to JB recently to avoid payment of the estimated $11 million judgment against him. According to ST, Yong was able to leave Singapore because officials of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority were not told about his bankrupt status until hours after he had passed through the Woodlands checkpoint.

Yong is not the first one to have fled from Singapore to JB and he won't be the last one. There were many other fugitives in Singapore who had fled to neighbouring Malaysia such as Singaporean one-eyed dragon Tan Chor Jin and Malaysian Took Leng How in the Huang Na case. They were eventually tracked down by police in the two countries and brought to justice in Singapore.

Regardless of the nationalities of criminals in Malaysia, Singapore and Malaysia must work even more closely to help bring their criminals and fugitives to justice and make life safer for citizens on both sides of the causeway.


Anonymous said...

seems to me Singapore is starting to become like a cow boy town as well, escaped terrorist , shootings in MRT station yesterday ....

Maybe its due to more transients living in SG nowadays. And the incompetency of the authorities in not being able to keep fugitives under lock and key and worst still not being bale to find them ....

Anonymous said...

go jb must be careful aids robber strike yesterday i went to esso to pump my tyres 2 man 1 tall & 1 short with beard claim tthat they are aids patient needs some help by holding a slop of needle with blood in it relunctly i dig out some notes he ttold mehe is not a begger & ask for more i dig out another 40++ he say some more with the needle closer & the tall guy demand for my wallet i got furious & give him a glance the short guy say just 1last note & u are free to go i pull out another 50 and they let me go wat a damn luck losing 100 ringgit for nothing that esso pump station is beside a shell station next to it near by theres a giant leisure and the oppsite theres a market whereby a happenings occured on sunday by my friends with 2 couple having dinner they park the car thought that is only at the side of the market with so many people so a lady left the bag inthe car the other left a handphone in it within half an hour that car was break in with all items lost poor girl waited 12hrs to come back sg warning to all pls be careful either go with a bunch of bro or stand by sommthing in your car for emergency i learnt my lesson i will go there again to try finding themthis time lastly dun leave things that can be view.