Friday, June 01, 2007

Same old story

The same old story happened when mom and dad drove from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur yesterday. As expected, he was stopped by a traffic police along the North-South highway, this time in the state of Malacca around 4:45pm yesterday. He clocked around 126 km per hour -- above the speed limit of 110 km per hour, according to the young policeman.

As usual, dad didn't dispute the offence. Guilty as charged! But he happily played along with the cop as dad knew he wanted a bribe.

Dad is an old hand in this, as he has done this many, many times on the Malaysian highway and ended up without any speeding ticket. How? Please see earlier posting on the way to avoid booking by the police on the Malaysian highway. It has worked for dad since 1998!

More importantly, how can dad have faith in the enforcement agency when the police are not above board? Can they fight rampant and rising crimes in the country effectively if they are not morally upright? Are more Malaysian policemen resorting to bribes to cope with the rising cost of living in the country?