Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sophie's Choice Today

Former Malaysian strongman Dr Mahathir Mohamad looks good despite his heart attack last week, based on news reports and this AFP picture carried in the online version of The Straits Times today.

According to wire reports, the National Heart Institute said Dr Mahathir has been transferred out of the cardiac care unit to a regular ward after doctors were happy with his progress. But he will continue to be warded for continued monitoring and to start "cardiac rehabilitation".

National news agency Bernama cited Dr Mahathir as saying that he was feeling much better, but he acknowledged that he would have to ease up on his schedule on doctors' advice.

Sophie agrees! It's unfortunate he has to ease up due to health concerns although he has plenty of unfinished business as an Asian statesman.

On a separate matter, Sophie will start a new section called Sophie's Choice Today to highlight some interesting news reports or postings of the day by other bloggers to supplement her own postings. It's not a scientific process, just based on Sophie's nose for news and interesting features on both sides of the causeway, or elsewhere.

The external postings do not necessarily represent the views of Sophie. Readers are free to forward stuff to Sophie ( for consideration.