Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Malaysia, Singapore in New Cockfight Over Water Pact

The satirical TalkingCock has published another article by Sophie's World. Enjoy!!!

by Sophie's World

In a shocking move, the Malaysian government has issued a statement to demand billions of dollars for the water it sold to Singapore for a song by mistake.

Malaysian gahmen spokesman Mr. Cakap bin Ayam said it now has a sound legal case to pursue the contentious matter, which has remained unresolved since the 1990s.

"We have found a new way to deal with the legalistic Singapore gahmen. It's called the law of mistakes," he said with a straight face.

When prodded, Mr Ayam cited the current case of a poor hawker in Singapore who had to repay Singapore's Housing Done Badly (HDB) S$18,000 for wrongful compensation by the gahmen agency more than four years ago. The HDB issued a notice this week to Madam Lee Ah Yam over a contract that was signed nearly 12 years ago, according to Singapore gahmen-controlled The States Times on 12 January 2008.

The Malaysian spokesman said: "How can suka suka (simply) ask for money back one? She has already spent the money, lah!"

"We shall use the same principle and demand the money for the cheap water we sold to Singapore by mistake since the 1960s. We had wanted to exercise our right to review the price of the water in the mid-1980s but we forgot lah. I admit it was our mistake."

"But tak apa (never mind). They can ask for money back based on their mistake. We also can," Mr Ayam added.

In a swift rebuttal, Singapore gahmen spokesman Ms Ban Vanity dismissed the fresh claim by Malaysia.

"This is utter nonsense. A deal is a deal. How can the Malaysian gahmen act retroactively?" she thundered.

Ms Vanity dismissed the suggestion that Singapore's own HDB had acted retroactively in claiming the money from Madam Lee.

"The circumstances are completely different. Malaysia didn't act within their right to do so after more than 10 years. We acted against Madam Lee in just four years after the mistake was made.

"Therefore, there's a fundamental difference in the two cases. We realised our mistake earlier and acted against the hawker. Malaysia never even realised that they had made a mistake in the water pact," Ms Vanity added.

Furthermore, she pointed out that it's impossible to trace the flow of the water Singapore bought from Malaysia at 3 Malaysian sen per thousand gallons, unlike the Singapore gahmen's payout to Madam Lee.

"We have recycled the Malaysian water so many times, and some became NEWater. How can they claim we are now drinking cheap Malaysian water? I rest my case," Ms Vanity said triumphantly.

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