Friday, November 16, 2007

Malaysia 'pips' Singapore in Pedra Branca claim

Malaysia has pipped Singapore in Sophie's World's online poll on the likely winner of the tussle for Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Putih.

Sophie's World started an online poll a week ago, asking readers whether they think Singapore or Malaysia will emerge triumphant in the current court tussle for the tiny rock in the South China Sea.

Many readers had been rooting for Singapore, until today.

Readers supporting Malaysia outstripped Singapore 34 to 32 as of today. Another 7 readers voted for the third option -- the two countries should re-merge and have joint ownership of the disputed island.

It's still early days as we still have 15 days to go before the online poll closes. Do take part in the online poll but be objective! :-)

Whatever the outcome of the poll, it's not likely to be conclusive as the sample size is way too small. A poll needs at least 3,000 voters to be reasonably credible. News reports have been rather divisive on this issue as well.

Nevertheless, Sophie's World is still betting on a victory for Malaysia despite the earlier odds against the country.

The little rock is nearer to Malaysia. It sounds reasonable for Malaysia to say that it didn't make any claim on the island earlier because it has always regarded it as part of Malaysia although Singapore has been squatting on the rock for 150 years.

Singapura was also once part of the Malay sultanate. The old Singapore was given away to the British by the Johor sultanate for a song. Hence, one can argue that the Johor Sultan transferred ownership of Singapore but not Pulau Batu Putih to the British.

And as correctly pointed out by another blogger, Singapore was once part of Malaysia between 1963 and 1965.


a wild cat said...

In case Singapore lost the case to Malaysia, Singapore should offer to buy Pedra Branca from Malaysia.

Pedra Branca is situated at a very strategic place where its light house provides an important 'lamp' to all ships passing through Strait of Singapore during dark hours. Singapore can afford to lose Pedra Branca, but not the light house.

Just imagine if the light house is not properly maintained and out of light one day, what will happen?

Anonymous said...

You live in the old world.

Lighthouse does not collect toll from ships. Nowadays with very advanced navigational systems, who needs a light house?

The duties of a Singapore lighthouse operator has now been upgraded to anti-submarine operator. Go and try apply for a lighthouse operator job at Pedra Branca.. they don't think you qualify.

The Void Deck said...

Give them nothing, but take from them - everything! hehe

Anonymous said...

I happen to think S'pore will win.

ICJ usually prefer to maintain status quo if one of the country is able to show that it had maintain effective control of disputed land.

Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking as a Singaporean, I myself is not even aware that there is another island known as Pedra Branca which belongs to Singapore until lately.

Could it be a case of Singapore trying her luck ?

Anonymous said...


Lighthouses in Pulau Batu Putih, Pulau Pisang and dozens of other Island creates chains of lighthouse navigation aids into Malacca Strait. It is true that both lighthouse belong to Singapore, But the Island belong to Malaysia....

I think everybody will be silent if you just let the light goes on... But if you put a radar and sonar equipment there..... It is a different story...
BY the way.... put it on Sentosa Island... Not on Malaysia's Island please....


Peter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie,

You seem to be a very strong proponent of "it's nearer to me, so it's mine".

Actually some others have already pointed out - geographical location has no bearing whatsoever on ownership. The Falkland Islands is a very good example.

How come you are still not convinced? No offense, but your "the little rock is nearer to Malaysia" statement is starting to sound like a broken record...

Anonymous said...

lol hawaii nearer to fiji leh. liddat how? think fiji cannot tahan e "greatest army on God's green earth,"

singapore will win la, we send in dream team, m'sia sends monkeys lol

Anonymous said...

yeah, they send the AG, his son, and the balding spirit in!

Anonymous said...

Historical evidences had proven that the island belongs to Johore sultanate. The land is under their domain.

The British requested permission to build light house.

Singapore gets it when separated from Malaysia.

What I observed is the island belongs to Johore/Malaysia, but we run the lighthouse.

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