Sunday, September 09, 2007

50,000 page views and counting!

Page views for Sophie's World have crossed 50,000!!! Total number of visitors has reached nearly 35,000, thanks to readers who have been visiting me since August 2006. Thank you and do return with your great feedback and even criticisms.

Unfortunately, I have not earned a single cent from blogging. Do donate to Sophie's World if you like what you read here. Even token donation will go a long way in buying cookies for me!!! :-)

Nevertheless, I will continue to blog with or without any donation, thanks to generally encouraging feedback from readers. Here are some of the remarks that readers have left behind for me to digest:

I managed to tell him that a poodle called Sophie from Singapore sent her regards... :-)
Sufi Yusoff, an aide to Mahathir Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia.

You have a very seductive mind!

Hi Sophie, I have been reading your blog. Interesting, informative. The best part is the "About Me" part, never so one so simple but creative!

Harro to you too! We've listed you at Cheers cutie!
Blog tracker Harro

Post that generated the highest number of comments by readers -- Dr M recovering, part 2

I discover your blog and impressed with your postings. Keep it up.
Gary Kang, who blogs at

Abdullah getting married? I didn't even know until now. Great blog BTW.
The Dude of Dudes

ha ha!! sophie, your reader is very funny and witty... and well informed, i suppose.
bitzer reacting to a reader's comment in the post Missing word.

the tikus is here to hey hello to sophie!
, a journalist in Malaysia and a well-known blogger in the country

Interesting post Sophie. I didn't realise that Malaysian Airlines also had a Sarong Kebaya for its stewardesses, which shows how infrequently I take that airline (or travel for that matter).
Cool Insider's reaction to Shed Sarong Party Girl Image

I refer to the article "Singapore Besieged"

Are Singaporeans expected to go left just because majority goes left and in actual fact, going left is a wrong choice?

Relationship with Malaysia - what's wrong of going against the idea of replacing causeway knowing well that the unnecessary spending is not going to benefit Singapore but to make Mahathir and his UMNO's friends richer?

Relationship with Thailand - Surayud has proven to the world that he is not the right choice of Thai Prime Minister. Worst of all, his several wrong decisions cause investors worldwide to lose confidence on Asean, so shall Singapore continue to give Surayud support just to please him?

Relationship with Indonesia - Singaporeans have been tolerating for years over haze issue, so shall we continue to tolerate some more just to please indonesians?

Singaporeans are no cowards. At least, we will never let soldiers over-throw government elected by us.
An anonymous reaction to Singapore Besieged that bears the hallmark of a Singapore government official!

Great post – this is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to this site often.
, a regular reader and commentator

hmm. maybe i can get a job there ;) nice blog btw
vagus said after reading post The Thai Touch

Sophie! We have enjoyed reading your blog and my mommy hopes to someday visit Singapore!
Pippin in NY, a Wire Fox Terrier in New York

I'm not sure whether you are what you said (the only dog) or human but your articles are interesting.
ad fofana

Sophie, nice blog. Wish you a Great New Year from me in Kuala Lumpur.

Good work, very nice blog. Seems you enjoy working with/ on the internet. And if something like that even pays off well, it would be even better, woulnd't it?

makes my eyes watered as well reading the post. perhaps people should look back at think for themselves if true love should be the moment where the sparks flew or one that can withstand the tides of time.
anonymous reaction to Couplehood


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