Saturday, August 25, 2007

Malaysian crime story, again

There's been another headline-grabbing crime story in Johor Baru despite the deployment of additional 400 policemen and 200 more police patrol cars in the state.

The Straits Times has a report on a regular Singaporean visitor to JB who was viciously attacked by a chopper-wielding robber. The whole episode at the Mobil petrol station next to the police station, just before the immigration checkpoint, was captured on CCTV. It took less than 30 seconds.

The report cited the victim's wife as saying that they knew of the crime situation in JB and purposely filled up at the petrol kiosk next to the police station. The story said Malaysian police have called Madam See to inform her that they had arrested two suspects.

Er, did the report say it happened next to the police station? What happened to all the new policemen and even riot police Federal Reserve Unit that were reportedly deployed to contain the crime situation in JB? Have they all gone back to the federal capital after the publicity? Were they on duty when the latest crime took place right under their nose?

Actually, I didn't see any major police presence when I was in JB last month. Maybe, they are very discrete in their operations. Maybe, they don't want to be seen as intrusive. Maybe, they were sleeping?

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blueheeler said...

yes, the Msian police seem to appear only on expressways, you know they are there not to give out summonses...