Friday, April 06, 2007

Malaysian bloggers united

Malaysian bloggers are rejoicing over their establishment of the first association for bloggers following the lawsuit against two household names. The so-called National Alliance of Bloggers is led by President Ahirudin Attan or better known as Rocky, Vice President Jeff Ooi, and Secretary Nuraina A. Samad.

They have many supporters such as the artistic kickdefella (who created the poster of Rocky) and prolific Susan Loone. The popular bloggers Rocky and Jeff are embroiled in a landmark suit with New Straits Times and associates.

According to Rocky, the Alliance will not exist just in cyberspace or blogosphere. It will have a physical premise, office bearers, and subscription-paying members, just like any other registered societies.

Its main objectives will be to help protect bloggers and promote blogging.

It's definitely a right move to set up such an institution, which will add more clout to bloggers in Malaysia although the outcome of the defamation suit is still pending.

I wonder whether there's room for a Singapore chapter or a completely new club for the fast growing number of bloggers in Singapore.

Bloggers in Singapore may also face more lawsuits one day.

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rod said...


I personally don't think having a Singapore chapter or club is a good idea.

For one, I don't think most bloggers in Singapore would want to create or join a club with a formalised status...given the political and social environment in S'pore for online expression. It's easier to blog individually or annonymously about socio-political issues.

Also, quite a few of the NAB members/bloggers are actively involved in civil society groups, are journalists or members of political organisations or parties. They have other things to back them up or stand on. Which is quite different from the inhabitants of the Singaporean blogosphere.