Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Malaysian First Lady? Part 2

The rumour about Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi getting married to a Eurasian lady called Jean Danker or Jean Abdullah is growing stronger. The Malaysian premier has apparently told certain state leaders that the wedding is on.

According to Wikipedia, Jean Danker was married to Osman Mahmud, who was Endon Mahmood's brother. Endon was Badawi's late wife.

As mentioned in an earlier post, time will tell whether the rumour is indeed true, but we will probably never find out for sure if Badawi's late wife had indeed endorsed the union before her death from cancer last year. Did she ask Jean to take care of her husband or to marry him or both?


Rocky's Bru [Ahirudin Attan] said...

hi sophie,
it remains a mystery until now. like many things the msian prime minister does and does not do, the people will not be told.

The Dude of Dudes said...

Abdullah getting married? I didn't even know until now. Great blog BTW.