Monday, December 04, 2006

Singaporeans First

(Picture Source: The Straits Times, Singapore)

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong definitely got it right when he said Singaporeans must come first although the country has to treat permanent residents and foreigners well. To make his point, he announced plans to charge non-citizens more for education and health care -- two areas where there has been little distinction between citizens and foreigners.

It is definitely a step in the right direction. Singaporeans must not feel left out in the government's relentless drive to woo foreign talents to help develop Singapore. Dad feels strongly about this although he is a permanent resident -- not a citizen -- on this beautiful island.

Addressing members of the ruling party People's Action Party, Hsien Loong also extolled the need to safeguard another Singapore bedrock -- meritocracy.

So, 'we're talking about equal opportunities, not equal outcomes,' he said, when he identified the four ideals that will continue to guide the PAP in its efforts to take Singapore forward, according to The Straits Times. The other ideals are racial and religious harmony, enterprise and inclusiveness.

It is not easy to practise true meritocracy as there will always be rumblings among certain quarters that certain jobs should go to Singaporeans. But meritocracy should be the main driving force at the workplace.

Only then shall the spirit of truth prevail in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Ya, Singaporeans shd be treated better. Especially when they are ministers, PAP MPs and top civil servants!!! hahaha


Inq said...

this 'singaporeans first' bullshit is just an attempt to justify the milking of foreigners above the amount singaporeans are milked for. All these clowns are trying to do is to use the amount foreigners are charged as a contrast to what singaporeans are being charged for in order to argue that singaporeans are being treated well.

Well, the government (which is actually a 'corporation') has done very well in stupefying the largely chinese population (by bringing back chinese culture) and thus making them amenable to such bollocks.

I won't criticise the government, it takes an ultradumb population to have a government such as this.

its better to assume you are stupid so that you can become smart, than assume you are smart and then remain stupid.