Saturday, November 25, 2006

Remember Dr M?

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad may have bagged some foreign honours recently but he's still not treated like a statesman back in his own country.

He made it to the cover of the October 30 issue of Time Magazine. The cover story gave him the platform for him to voice his grouses against successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. But the article also criticised Dr M for his past excesses as the country's longest-serving premier.

And on Nov 19, Dr M became the first Malaysian to receive the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice, according to The Star. Mukhriz received the award on behalf of his father, who is still recuperating from a mild heart attack. Dr Mahathir’s personal assistant Adzlin Azhar reportedly said the award was given in recognition of Dr Mahathir’s efforts in pushing through national unity in a multiracial and multireligious country.

But Dr M was not garlanded.

Instead of analysing some of the points raised by Dr M, delegates at the recent general assembly of United Malays National Organisation simply ignored the old man.

Can't blame them completely because Badawi has postponed the party election until after the national elections. So, anyone who doesn't toe the line faces the danger of being dropped from the line-up in the general elections, which are not due until 2009.

Everyone has to toe the line even though many people feel there is merit in some of Dr M's arguments. And many probably feel that the country can do better under the current regime.

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