Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sentosa IR race

The remaining players for the Sentosa casino bid have shown their hands, and it could be down to either consortium -- Genting International-Star Cruises-Universal Studios; or Kerzner International-CapitaLand. Eighth Wonder is still seen as a long shot.

The market is still favouring frontrunner Genting, which is the sole casino group in Malaysia for the last four decades. But some believe that Kerzner-CapitaLand could steal the show with its Atlantis concept. Furthermore, some believe that there could be a sympathy factor for Kerzner -- CEO Butch Kerzner, son of founder Sol Kerzner, died in a helicopter crash last week on the eve of the bid submissions.

Will the panel of Singapore ministers take that into account, consciously or subconsciously? Or will it be strictly business based on the criteria -- tourism allure (45 per cent), design (25 per cent), investment amount (20 per cent), and investors' track records (10 per cent).

We will know by the end of this year.

Well-designed and informative graphics in Singapore's BT today:


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madam said...

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